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Predictive Scheduling: What You Need to Know

Event Date: Wednesday, November 28
Time: 9:00 am PST | 12:00 pm EST

Predictive scheduling laws affect employers across the country, and the number of jurisdictions passing these laws is rising. Managing compliance with these employment laws is a complex process, and penalties for violating the new rules are significant. As a result, companies are turning to technology and data to help them more efficiently create and maintain compliant worker schedules.

Join the webinar to learn the top things you need to know about predictive scheduling. In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll share key information about the new laws, including:
  • Predictive scheduling at a glance
  • Impact of predictive scheduling laws
  • What’s coming for 2019
  • How technology can help

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Featured Speaker: Micah Merak


Product Marketing Manager

Micah is a product marketing manager at Shiftboard, where he plays a vital role in both understanding customer needs and maintaining a viable product vision for the future.  With a background in IoT, Micah is comfortable getting under the hood with technology. He’s authored multiple guides, articles, and blogs in numerous publications including The Journal, Control Engineering, and Automation World.

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